interdisciplinary series

Kino Šiška




The main goals of Re_humanisation are encouraging the evolution of new art collectives, establishing and exchanging advanced creative processes, and performing interdisciplinary sonic works which are the result of the vision of the youngest generation of Slovenian artists.

Each of the five events this year will feature works by two authors, selected by Luka Zagoričnik, Anže Zorman, and Peter Baroš. The works will be co-created and performed by established Slovenian artists Mina FinaPrimož SukičMaja Osojnik, Miha Blažič, Irena Tomažin , Simon Klavžar and Luka Prinčič, under the artistic direction of Dré Hočevar.

Production: Zavod Sploh in coproduction with Kino Šiška.