Surface of Inscription

Dré Hočevar

Clean Feed Records 2017




Elias Stemeseder, piano
Charmaine Lee, voice
Dré Hočevar, drums | composition
Bernardo Barros, electronics
Weston Olencki, brass
Michael Foster, reeds


01 _ where improvisation comes from
02 target domain of infinity [part 1]
03 sub-phenomenon of utterance
04 frame semantics
05 surface of inscription
06 target domain of infinity [part 2]
07 x nets, arrays, containers
08 ideas are physical _ conceptual bindings
09 logic is a consequence
10 _ just below the sonic level of sense making
11 dissecting the paraconcept
13 processing schemas
14 disenfranchised language of muted rage
15 primary metaphors

All music by Dré Hočevar
Recorded at Systems Two Studios, New York, November 11 and 12, 2016 by Rich Lamb . Mix and mastering by Dave Darlington. Produced by Michael Carvin and Lester St.Louis . Executive production by Pedro Costa for Trem Azul
Design and artwork by Travassos