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D R É  A.  H O Č E V A R

Dré A. Hočevar (b. 1987, Ljubljana, Slovenia) is a composer, performer, and cross-disciplinary artist frequently performing across the United States, Asia, and Europe. He is Clean Feed Records recording artist with his fifth album Surface of Inscription released in September 2017. As a performer, he is currently a member of Nate Wooley’s Knknighgh Quartet, Zack Clarke’s Trio and is directing ensembles Coding of Evidentiality, Theōriae Doxa, Container Doxa, and Verso Doxa. Hočevar’s teachers include Steve Lehman, Peter Ablinger, Joe Morris, Michael Carvin, and Aaron Cassidy. Dré A. Hočevar is based in England and is currently a Ph.D. student at the Centre for Research in New Music (CeReNeM) Institute, University of Huddersfield.



University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield, UK
Ph.D. in Composition, 2019-2023

The New School, New York City, USA
BFA in Performance, 2011-2015

Prince Claus Conservatory, Groningen, NL
B.Mus in Jazz Drums, 2006-2010


Dré A. Hočevar Trio – Motion In Time (Lajna, 2013)
Dré A. Hočevar Trio – Coding of Evidentiality (Clean Feed Records, 2015)
Dré A. Hočevar – Collective Effervescence (Clean Feed Records, 2016)
Dré A. Hočevar – Transcendental within the Sphere of Indivisible Remainder (Clean Feed Records, 2016)
Zack Clarke Trio – Random Acts of Order (Clean Feed Records, 2017)
Nate Wooley’s Knknighgh – Minimalist Poetry (Clean Feed Records, 2017)
Dré A. Hočevar – Surface of Inscription (Clean Feed Records, 2017)
precept.concept.percept – ENA (precept.concept.percept, 2018)
Container Doxa _ Less Than Nothing (ZARŠ, 2018)
Zack Clarke Trio – Vertical Shores (Clean Feed Records, 2019)


Zois Scholarship, Undergraduate studies in the Netherlands, Slovenia 2006/2010
Nuffic Huygens Scholarship, Undergraduate studies in the Netherlands, The Netherlands 2008/2010 Prins Claus Conservatory Grant, Research, New York CIty, 2008
Prins Claus Conservatory Grant, Student exchange program, New York City, 2009
Cultural Ministry, Undergraduate studies in the US, Slovenia 2011/2014
The New School, Tuition Award, USA (2011/2014)
Banff International Workshop in Jazz and Creative Music, TD Scholar, CA (2015)
Ministry of Culture Slovenia, Research Grant, Slovenia (2015)


– Jazzinty Ensemble (Festival Jazz Lent 2006)
– Prins Claus Conservatory Big Band (live broadcast at CARE Royal Theater, Amsterdam 2008)
– Dré Hočevar Next (Jazz Cerkno – Keltika 2009, Jazz Club Gajo 2009, Baladoor 2009, Jazz Lent 2011, Jazz Club Gajo Live – RTV Slovenija 2012)
– Dré Hočevar Boben in Lajna (Festival Jazz Cerkno 2011)
– Žiga Murko 13 (Ljubljana Jazz Festival 2012, Festival Jazz Lent 2012, Festival Boben in Lajna 2012)
– Dré Hočevar 9mm (Festival Boben in Lajna 2011, Jazzinty Festival 2013, Festival Bled 2013)
– Goran Krmac Take Off (Izzven 2012, Baladoor Jazz Festival 2012, Jazzon 2012)
– Jan Kus AMNA (Festival Boben in Lajna 2011)
– Dré Hočevar Trio (54. Ljubljana Jazz Festival 2013, Festival Boben in Lajna 2013, Spectrum NYC 2013/2014, Shapeshiter Lab NYC 2014)
– I Hear With My Eyes feat. Reggie Workman, Tina Dobaj and Ken Vandermark (Michiko NYC, 2013)
– Virtual Truth (music for theater and performance, Stara Elektrarna, Ljubljana 2013)
– European Jazz Orchestra (Stockholm Jazz Festival 2013, Autumn Leaves Festival 2013, Flagey 2013, Casa De Musica 2013)
– Lester St.louis Distonal Quintet (Shapeshifter Lab, 2013)
– Vox Temporum feat. Dré Hočevar (Composer series – Spectrum NYC, 2015)
– Dré Hočevar Quartet Feat. Joe Morris, Pascal Niggenkemper and Nate Wooley (56. Ljubljana Jazz Festival 2015)
– De Looze | Nyberg | Hočevar (Brussels Jazz Marathon, 2015)
– Asymptote feat. Perry Robinson (Spectrum NYC, 2015)
– Steve Lehman | Sam Pluta | Dré Hočevar (ShapeShifter Lab, 2015)
– People Like You! (Rojišče SI 2016, Salon Uporabnih Umetnosti Maribor SI 2016, Zorman Atelje SI 2016, Max Festival Velenje SI 2016)
– Dré Hočevar Transcendental Within the Sphere of Indivisible Remainder (ShapeShifter + 2015, ShapeShifter + 2016)
– Lester St.louis | Gabriel Zucker | Dré Hočevar with Tony Malaby, Henry Fraser and Chris Pitsiokos (The Jazz Gallery NYC, 2015)
– ELK 4 Feat. Bryan Qu, Tyshawn Sorey, Aaron Larson Tevis and Dré Hočevar (Banff CA, 2015)
– Nate Wooley Quartet (Arts for Art NYC 2016, Randolph’s Series NYC 2016, Spying at Manhattan Inn Residency NYC 2016, Spectrum NYC 2016, Clean Feed Festival Nublu 2017, Ljubljana Jazz Festival 2017, Neue Forum 2018, Vilnius Jazz Festival 2018, Walter, Brussels 2018, Jazz Goes to Town 2018)
– Transitory Museum of Minds (EU tour 2016, Jazz Festival Cerkno 2016, Kulturhuset Oslo 2016)
– Dré Hočevar Coding of Evidentiality (Festival Jazz Club Gajo 2014, Spectrum NYC 2014, Cankarjev Dom 2015, ShapeShifter + 2015, Kam Fest 2016, Gallery 456 NYC 2016, Ibeam NYC 2016, Polyfold Festival-The New School NYC 2016, Confine Aperto 2017, Sound Explicit 2017)
– Dré Hočevar Collective Effervescence (Album release show at Happy Lucky no.1 NYC, ShapeShifter + NYC, 2016)
– Lester St.Louis Construction (Jack NYC, 2016)
– Tyshawn Sorey Residency (The Stone NYC, 2016)
– Ingrid Laubrock | Brandon Lopez | Zack Clarke | Dré Hočevar (Spectrum NYC, 2016)
– Dré Hočevar Surface of Inscription (Spectrum NYC 2016, Ibeam NYC 2016)
– Joe Morris | Sam Yulsman | Weston Olencki | Brandon Lopez | Lester St. Louis | Charmaine Lee | Dré Hočevar (Arcade Spectrum NYC, 2016)
– _ Just Below the Sonic Level of Sense Making, installation (58. Ljubljana Jazz Festival, 2017)
– precept.concept.percept (Festival Jazzinty 2017, Festival Zvončki in Trobentice, 2018)
– (European Jazz Conference 2017)
– Container Doxa (58. Ljubljana Jazz Festival 2017, Kamfest 2017, Tresk 2018, Osmo/za 2018, Sonica 2018, Johannesburg Festival 2018, Spektrum Berlin 2018, 12 Points 2018, KCJT Novo Mesto 2018)
– Joe Morris | Sam Yulsman | Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø | Lester St. Louis | Ingrid Laubrock | Dré Hočevar (Neue Forum I. NYC, 2018)
– Dré Hočevar Solo (Copenhagen Jazz Festival, DK 2018, Neue Forum II. NYC 2018)
– Borderless Dissonance (Vienna/Graz/Ljubljana 2018)
– Dré Hočevar Verso Doxa (Hangzhou, Residency, China 2019)
– The Third Guy feat. Dré Hočevar (Unerhörte Musik Berlin 2018, Copenhagen 2018, Brussels 2018)
– Dré Hočevar Theoria feat. Axel Dörner and Stefan Prins  (NUMU, Baden CH 2018)
– STOP – Composer in residence (Slovenia, 2019)
– Dré Hočevar / Weston Olencki (Neue Forum II. NYC, 2018)


Dré Hočevar Trio: Motion in Time (2013-2014 for piano trio)

– Don’t Act. Just Think., Near Fire Islands, Consciousness and Imagination, After The End Of Art, Question of Method, Noomi

Dré Hočevar: Coding of Evidentiality (2014-2015, for piano trio and electronics)
– Form of the Future Thought, Post Resonance 1J7/36, Critical Discourse Analysis, Representational Redescription, Second portrait of the exemplary…

Dré Hočevar: Collective Effervescence (2014-2015, for improvising ensemble)
– Unknown Unknowns, Notifications as a Theory of Consciousness, Interaction, Complexity, Affordances, Third portrait of the exemplary…, Imaginary_Synthesis Within Sublime Inside, 1987’s, The Revolutions of Many Others

Dré Hočevar: Transcendental within the Sphere of Indivisible Remainder (2016, for improvising ensemble)
– Transcendental within the Sphere of Indivisible Remainder

Dré Hočevar: Surface of Inscription (2017, for voice, trombone, saxophone, piano, live electronics and percussion)
– Target Domain of Infinity, _ [where improvisation comes from], X nets, Arrays, Containers; Ideas are Physical, Conceptual Bindings, Logic is a Consequence, Frame Semantics, Just Below the Sonic Level of Sense Making, Primary Metaphors, Surface of Inscription, Sub-phenomenon of Utterance, Processing Schemas, Feminized Science Deniers, Dissecting the Paraconcept, Disenfranchised Rage of Muted Language

– _ Just Below the Sonic Level of Sense-Making (installation, 2017)

LECTURES (percussion, composition, improvisation theory):

International Summer Workshop Jazzinty (Slovenia 2009, 2016 – )
Young Researchers (Jazz Cerkno, Slovenia 2018 – )
Abeceda (Ljubljana Jazz Festival 2018 – )
Summer Workshop Boben in Lajna, Slovenia 2012
Music Conservatory Ljubljana, Slovenia 2011
African-American Legacy Project, NYC 2013
Music Conservatory Maribor, Slovenia 2015


Founder (Contemporary Art Institute Boben in Lajna, Ljubljana 2011-2014)
Producer and curator (Festival Boben in Lajna, Ljubljana 2011, 2013)
Co-director and curator (Neue Forum, ShapeShifter Lab, NYC 2017)
Co-director and curator (Neue Forum, NYC/Berlin 2018 -)
Artistic board (Jazzinty, Novo mesto 2017 – 2021)
Artistic director (Re_humanizacija, Zavod Sploh 2017 – 2018)
Artistic director (Re_humanizacija, Osmo/za 2019 – )
Co-curator (59. Ljubljana Jazz Festival, Cankarjev Dom Cultural Center, 2018 – )


Peter Ablinger
Aaron Cassidy
Michael Carvin
Joe Morris
Steve Lehman
Gerry Hemingway
Reggie Workman
Hal Galper
Ralph Peterson Jr.


Veneto Jazz – The New School (Bassano ITA, 2004)
Jazz Academy – The New School (Maribor SLO, 2004)
Jazzinty (Novo Mesto SLO, 2005, 2006, 2008)
Banff International Workshop in Jazz and Creative Music (Banff CA, 2015)
48. International Summer Course for New Music (Darmstadt GER 2016, 2018)
Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (Huddersfield UK, 2016)


Sam Pluta, Joe Morris, Nate Wooley, Stefan Prins, Philipp Gropper, Tyshawn Sorey, Lester St.louis, Bernardo Barros, Ken Vandermark, Steve Lehman, Brandon Lopez, Philip White, Reggie Workman, Felix Henkelhausen, Henry Fraser, Tony Malaby, Mette Rasmussen, Eve Risser, Weston Olencki, Samuel Fibich Yulsman, Chris Pitsiokos, Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø, Brad Henkel, Pascal Niggenkemper, Jeff Snyder, Jeremy Corren, Kaja Draksler, Bram De Looze, Zack Clarke, Charmaine Lee, Michael Foster, Dan Peter Sundland, Pia Reš, Elias Stemeseder…